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Diho Square Chinatown MapAFANDIM UYGHUR
9126 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (281) 888-5597

Uyghur cuisine is a famed Xinjiang styled cuisine, reflecting decades of influences form Central and Eastern Asia. Do try its lambs, kabab skewers, instantly made noodles (langman) and uyghur pizza.

Diho Square Chinatown MapBITE OF SPICE (SOFT OPENING)
9102 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (832) 410-7777

A bite of Asian spices, wake up your senses, warm up your body, arouse your palate. Authentic cuisine, experienced chef, trendy ambiance.

Diho Square Chinatown MapBUBBLE EGG (NEWLY OPEN)
9188B Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (281) 888-4135

Trendy, indulging version of the traditional egg waffle. Missing Hong Kong's #1 street food, satisfy your desire here. Also serving delicious variety of tea.

Diho Square Chinatown MapDIM SUM KING
9160B Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 270-6788

"Humble yet Superb", quoting a Yelp review. Delicious dim-sums at extremely decant price. Located iunder the Houston Police Department signage.

Diho Square Chinatown MapTASTY POINT (COMING SOON)
9110A Bellaire Blvd
Tel: TBA

Introducing a trendy live well, eat well concept from California... a pot that has it all. Coming soon, a must-stop-by tasty point.

9140 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (346) 240-9696

Authentic and traditional style, offering bimbimbap in Korean imported, heavy-weighted stonepots, quality barbaque, kimchi soups and more.

Diho Square Chinatown MapGO GO ICE
9188O Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (281) 902-9298

Real fresh fruits go into the drinks here.. experience the difference! Milk tea, smoothies, milk shakes and more.

Diho Square Chinatown MapHOKKAIDO JAPANESE
9108B Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 988-8448

Describe by Yelp and FourSquare users as “the best sushi in Houston”. Delicious and affordable. Free hot tea, miso soup, and red bean dessert.

Diho Square Chinatown MapHONG KONG'S CAFE
9108A Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 772-9633

Highly recommended by Yelp users as the place for authentic Hong Kong style milk tea, barbeque pork, pork chop baked tomato rice, and Hong Kong style spaghetti bolognese.

Diho Square Chinatown MapHUNAN PLUS
9124 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 995-8825

A restaurant offering many Chinese delights - Kung Pao Chicken, Kung Pao Shrimp, Scallion Pancakes, Mapo Tofu.. The list goes on.

Diho Square Chinatown MapKUEN NOODLE HOUSE
9140A Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (281) 888-9236

Freshly made, hand-pulled Chinese noodles that comes in many styles -- clear broth, spicy, stir-fried, cold. Must tried garlic cucumber on the side. A trendy place to go for authentic Lanzhou Lamian!

9108 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 772-2888

Yes, this is vegetarian and MSG FREE! With the wave of a magical wand from the seasoned chef, vegetables transform and become irresistible even to the meat eaters. Recommends its popular lunch buffet.

Diho Square Chinatown MapSHANGHAI RESTAURANT
9116 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 988-7288

Recommended as one of the top 10 restaurants by Houston Chronicle’s Greg Morago, Shanghai Restaurant serves authentic Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine.

Diho Square Chinatown MapSICHUAN QUEEN
9114 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 771-6868

Authentic, Spicy Sichuan! Extensive lunch menu serving a diverse range of spicy and non-spicy Chinese dishes.


Tapioca House

Diho Square Chinatown MapTAPIOCA HOUSE
9106 Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 272-6468

Tapioca House serves a variety of teas, coffee, smoothies, and traditional snacks to bring a genuine experience of Taiwan to Texas (with branches in Austin and Dallas).


Diho Square Chinatown MapTWINKLE ICE
9188G Bellaire Blvd
Tel: (713) 995-7277

Specialty tea, made from espresso machines. Offers lots of interesting toppings for FREE! Fill your drinks with tapioca, flavored jelly, fruits, and more. Must try its Popcorn Chicken and Takoyaki balls!