Leasing with Diho Square

Wanting to start or expand a business? It is important to research the location, the clientele, the traffic, as well as the strategic and financial strength of your landlord.

  • Location: We are located in the heart of Chinatown, at the Ranchester and Bellaire intersection, easily accessible via Freeway 59 and Sam Houston Tollway. City of Houston estimated 43,000 to 49,000 vehicles passing by the shopping center every 24 hours, making it a high traffic zone. In addition, we have an unusual and unique advantage, situated within walking distance to two prestigious high schools (Strait Jesuit and St Agnes).
  • Convenient Parking: Ease of parking is a big factor when dining out, shopping, running errands, or chilling with friends. With ~500 storefront parking spaces, we offer the most convenient parking in Chinatown Houston. No frustration and no time lost having to drive up and down a parking garage.
  • Safety: Safety is another important factor for customers as well as staffs. We are unique in having a Police Station located within the shopping center; on-site S.E.A.L. security officers; and 50+ high-definition cameras surveilling the common areas, silently protecting you day and night.
  • Committed Management: The ideal landlord is responsiveness, resourcefulness, fair, and continue to build a business environment that can help your business thrives. These past years, we have aggressively invested in the shopping center; for example, installed 50+ high definition security camera system; renovated and brightened hallways with new soffit and energy efficient LED lights; increased visibility and promotion by installing a 7 feet x 5 feet LED electronic display sign on Bellaire Blvd; customized of a air-conditioned guard house; upgraded security patrol with K9 vehicle and golf cart; and restored front and back parking lot.

Available Units For Lease

We have approximately 120,000 SF of leasable space. While we do not have an exclusivity restriction, we do keep our tenants' interests in mind and try to avoid businesses with similar product or service offerings. Click here to see our tenants' directory.

Immediately Available Units


Unit: 9110B

1,386 Sq Ft. Ready for move-in. Current layout offers a welcoming, spacious store front area with individual rooms at the back. Ideal layout for retail usage.


Unit: 9110H

1,456 Sq Ft. Ready for move-in. There is a reception area and individual rooms. Ideal layout for medical clinics, services, or professional offices.


Unit: 9110M

1,260 Sq Ft. Ready for move-in. Spacious and open main function area. Ideal layout for marshall art classes, art studio, and retail uses.

9146 Bellaire Blvd

Unit: 9146

2,450 Sq Ft. A raw space located in the heart of the shopping center. Industrial feel perfect for trendy retail or services. Renovation required.

9180D Bellaire

Unit: 9180D

648 Sq Ft. Ready for move-in. Elongated layout with a reception area and individual rooms down the corridor. Ideal for services such as acupuncture or professional office.


The above units are available for viewing by appointment only. Our management office is located in the shopping center, at 9180F Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036. Email us to make an appointment.

Upcoming available units in 2018:

We have few currently leased premises opening up in 2018. Stayed tuned for update.