Diho Square ChinaTown Houston

Diho Square Houston

Dates back to the early 1980s, Diho Square is one of the most established and well-known Chinatown strip malls located on Bellaire Blvd. Diho Square means 'The Best Square" in Chinese; it was meant to be a gathering place, a town square, for all, one where all critical goods, services, and stores are available. In fact, it was one of the three Chinese owned plazas that created and defined the “New Chinatown” in Houston. Lots of development has anchored around it in the past decades. Throughout time, Diho Square remains the classic center of Chinatown Houston, offering:

  • The Mall that has it All: 120,000 Square feet of retail spaces, with tenants ranging from restaurants, salons, doctors, pharmacy, stationary & gifts, to mobile services and technology.
  • Safe for Family and Children: Unique in having a Police Station located within the plaza, on-site S.E.A.L. officers, and 50+ high-definition cameras overlooking the common areas, silently protecting you day and night.
  • Convenient Location: Easily accessible from Beltway 8, Highway 59/ I-69 on the recently renovated Bellaire Blvd.
  • Friendly Experience: With employees parked at the back of the plaza, the 500+ store-front parking spaces ensure a hassle-free visit.

The luring thing about Diho Square is that with its diverse offering of Asian cuisine, pharmacies, salons, doctors, professional services, and travel agents etc. It's a Chinatown unto itself.

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